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EP: The Big Hash – Life + Times Of A Teenage Influence

Up and coming rapper The Big Hash who is on a quest to push his way unto relevance drops off his EP called Life + Times Of A Teenage Influence.


The Big Hash - I Don't

The Big Hash - UZI

The Big Hash - Anita

The Big Hash - Exes On The Weekend

The Big Hash - Wait

The Big Hash - High ft. Solve The Problem

The Big Hash has been exhibiting quality over quantity since low-riding his way into the game just less than a year ago.

Innanetwav’s very own 17 year vanguard confirms his competency as a leading figure in the new hip-hop wave and pushes his envelope further – showcasing an insatiable hunger, hustle and lyrical wit.

An imposing music presence is coupled by articulate cadence he has never canvassed in any of his previous body of work.

A sense of epic importance resonates from the fact that the entire EP carries no features and no co-signs.

This bold move carves an impression that Team Hash is optimally suited to go toe-to-toe with placeholders currently in the game.

There is no denying how masterfully delivered and pleasantly digestible the entire production of Life + Times is. Lead sound engineer and producer at (UU); 808x together with oshoku, crystalize the synergy they share with Hash, leaving a highly curious case of what’s to come next.

The chemistry is natural and the delivery is refined. The beats bump, the flows follow suit and the messages of a fully-fledged hustle & hunger are crystal clear.

After all, Hash has been working hard to get this coveted EP off the ground and sure, there’s a little turbulence along the way, but his formidability as a rapper, groundbreaker and a 17 year old talent come across vividly at each turn.


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