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I am not Nana Ama the heart breaker, owner of trending picture says

Unfortunately, images flying around of the supposed Nana Ama isn’t the real Nana Ama.

The lady in a picture making the rounds on social media has cleared up the air that she is not the purported Nana AMA who broke one Sammy’s heart.
Viral videos have been circulating since yesterday 9th March 2020 of Sammy a KNUST boy weeping following his break up with Nana Ama.
It is believed Nana Ama dumped Sammy after she found out he was having a casual affair with another lady.

Vivian Ewuakye a student of Central University who was offline the whole time she was trending all over social media received numerous calls and messages to enquire about the incident which she has no clue about.
In a video sent to Ndwomfie.net, Vivian explains she doesn’t know Sammy and have never been in contact with him. She further explained even though she is called Ama, she isn’t Nana Ama and her parents never named her Nana Ama
In the video, she said “…the boy you guys are talking about, I don’t know the guy from anywhere. I have never seen the guy from anywhere, I have never texted with the guy…
So can you guys please stop circulating this false news…I am not Nana Ama I am Vivian “
Further investigations by Ndwomfie.net revealed that Vivian the alleged victim of cyber slander has since not been able to leave her room for lectures and while weeping constantly.
Below is a video of Vivian explaining she isn’t the Nana Ama the heart breaker.

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